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Ukraine. Open for U.

Ukraine, a Central European country of over 45 million people, covers a territory of 603,628 km2 entirely within Europe which makes it the largest country of Europe. Once the most advanced scientific, industrial and agricultural republics of the former Soviet Union, Ukraine has kept its leading position in the intellectual potential and boasts the World’s richest reserves of fertile black soils (chernozem). Ukraine’s strategic location in the very center of Europe and land borders of 4,663 km with seven other European countries and its access to the Black Sea makes it a natural transportation & logistical hub. Ukraine provides unlimited opportunities for investments with its highly-skilled professionals, proximity to the core transport hubs of the region and being driven by a new generation of leaders. Ukraine is Open for U!


Lviv, the 'Little Paris'

Lviv, a city in Western Ukraine that's become a modern business hub, is the spot VirtualTourist members unanimously agreed is the top European city to see now. Many of its highlights are found in an incredibly compact central area, making it the perfect place to explore on a weekend jaunt. Start in Rynok Square, the center of city, which is surrounded by almost 50 unique architectural monuments including the Kornyakt Palace, a Renaissance landmark. Visitors cant miss the Lviv Opera House, a Neo-Renaissance treasure that is often compared to opera houses of Paris and Vienna. In July, the city hosts "Night Lviv," a festival that includes over 100 night tours and theatrical performances, like a fire show, late into the night.


Ukraine's hidden gem

“Cobbled rides, astounding architecture, arousing good coffee, hot melting chocolate, and such fine beer,” this is how Phil Black(CNN's Eye On journalist) introduces the city of Lviv upon his July 2012 visit.
One of the world’s largest news networks names the city a hidden gem because unlike other beautiful European cities Lviv is not one of the famous tourist destinations. In fact, many tourists still do not know the city exists.


Chocolate, beer and coffee in Lviv

For Ukraine Lviv has a profound meaning beyond being one of the host cities in Euro 2012 with its intriguing landmarks and stunning examples of architecture. It is remarkable how different is Lviv fom the other cities in Ukraine. The spirit of history seems still wandering along the narrow streets of Lviv. You can easily imagine a cart stopping by Opera Theatre and honoured guests wearing dinner jackets entering the greatest temple of art. Besides, Lviv has a charming old town that has been preserved since Austro-Hungarian times. So, mostly the old town of Lviv is under the auspices of UNESCO. Additionally, it was last year that the number of tourists who visited Lviv during summer was more than its own population. Once you come to Lviv you will not be able to escape from falling in love with it again and again.