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UEFA urges Ukraine to create 112 emergency call center

UEFA expects from Ukraine creating 112 emergency call center for the European Football Championship which costs 625 mln hryvnyas, Delo newspaper reports.

In accordance with UEFA requirements integrated 112 phone number of the emergency call center (analogue of the well-known American 911service) should operate in all regional centers of Ukraine like it does in the European Union, before Euro-2012 starts.

In order to carry out the project, Organization and hosting of Euro-2012 Final Program stipulates 625 mln hryvnyas, out of which 601 mln is to be allocated from the state budget and 24 mln from local budgets.

"In 2010 emergency # 112 will be introduced in host-cities of Euro-2012 matches (Kiev, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk and Lvov). By 2012 phone number will operate in every corner of Ukraine" - claims Valery Tretyakov, the deputy minister of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

However project's implementation is at risk. Out of 153.7 mln hryvnyas planned in 2009 not a penny is assigned for the project. According to Valery Zhaldak, deputy head of the Coordinating Bureau on organization and hosting of Euro-2012 in Ukraine, the basic problem is that it's not clear yet who will be the fund receiver.

"Even now nobody can decide on who's going to take responsibility for 112 emergency service and be the account holder of 625 mln hryvnyas - either Ministry of Internal Affairs or that one of Emergency Situations" - points out Valery Zhaldak.

Besides, the Government hasn't yet approved of 112 emergency call center development conceptions. The system should operate adequately one year before Euro-2012 begins.

With such pace we have with project implementation by 2012 we can only receive subscriber's 112 call without providing any emergency aid", - points out Yury Zozulya, head of Security Systems.

Moreover, the issue of coordinating the work between Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Internal Affairs and that one of Transport and Communications hasn't yet been resolved.

In fact monopolist Communications Company of Ukrtelecom is to provide its technical support in project implementation.

"For normal operating of 112 emergency call service there's to be created an integrated management system or working group at a governmental level which is going to include Ministry of Internal Affairs, Emergency Situations, Ministry of Health, commercial security services and so on. The system should operate with vice Prime Minister in the chair who will have close cooperation with security agencies. If it's not done, money will be spent for all the departments and the aim won't be achieved", - is assured Viktor Khristoyev, director of Euro-2012 organization Department in Kharkov.

At the moment two regional 112 emergency call centers successfully operate in Ukrainian cities of Kharkov and Lvov.

Citizens and visitors of these cities can call any emergency service through 112 number - from police, ambulance and firefighters up to the elevator operators and plumber.

Citizens of other cities call emergency services dialing 101, 102 and 103 numbers. An integrated # 112 operates only in mobile phones.

It should be noted that the most successful experience in 112 emergency call system' implementation has been demonstrated by Romania, which succeeded in launching the system completely within 2-year period.

The standard of perfect operating of 112 emergency call service is Sweden where within 6 seconds the subscriber receives all the information necessary.